I hate eczema

My one year old MArtha has extensive eczema which we normally have under control. I have just spent the last hour (it is now midnight) doing anything i can to stop her scratching. Her face has become infected and her arms are bleeding. It is incredibly distressing as is changing her bedding, wet dusting her cot, floor and shelves to eradicate any traces of dust at this time of night.

Moan officially over.


2 Responses

  1. Having suffered with a spell of eczema on my eyelids last year (never had it before), I can sympathise hugely with your little mite. I was just desperate to find anything to stop the infernal itching.

    In the end I went to a homeopath and after 6 months of trying one treatment then another it totally disappeared. Have no idea what caused it or what got rid of it, but I’m so glad it’s gone.

  2. Thanks she is fine this morning even took her swimming. THings always get bad in the middle of the night

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