Try again – Rockin Blogger

(if the button hasnt worked this time i will cry)

I have been tagged which is really exciting. Firstly it means that someone has read my blog which is exciting in itself and secondly it means they like what they saw!!! Woo Hoo. The lovely lady who sent me the button is Susanne so check out her blog, its fab. I now have to work out how to tag other people which will be a fun thing for me to do at the weekend. It also means that there are even more bloggers out there then i thought. Although that does mean that i will now get nothing done ever again, and my husband ANdrew will give me the look that he gives when i try to explain what people have said. But do you know what he cannot comment, he watches the Sci Fi Channel!!!!

I am not sure why i got it or how these things get started, so instead of cutting fabric, ironing, cleaning the kitchen etc etc etc etc, I am going to find out how it started. Sad i know.

I ordered these pinking shears off ebay. How fantastic are these. I was going to buy some new ones but nearly fainted at the price so bought these and i think i may just look at them in their box instead of using them to cut with. They look so pretty. I really should get out more

I really should go and make the little purse a lady ordered at the craft fair two weeks ago.


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  1. Beautiful scissors. I just got all excited because there were free new scissors with my new sewing machine (I’m all excited about the machine too, don’t worry). Well, now I know why they were free… They don’t cut anything. I just had much better results with the old scissors that belonged to my husbands grandmother that we have used as kitchen scissors for the past ten years…

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