A huge Success

I have had the long awaited handbag party and it was a huge success. Nerves had started setting in first thing in the morning and i had just assumed they were for my son Oliver who had his first sports day that day. But as he didn’t seem in the slightly bit fazed about his 8 races in front of what appeared to be the whole village, I think it was just the fact that his mum was having a nervous breakdown about displaying bags in front of 13 people. My daughter Martha was taking the whole day in her stride though as you can see. Already fashion conscious at the grand old age of 1, she decided to start a trend wearing my mothers sunglasses.

The party started at 8pm and as it was the launch of what will hopefully be my new business venture i thought it only correct to get some bottles of bubbly in to toast Joanna Bags.
My friend CAth who hosted the party did me proud, had moved around her furniture, got nibbles and was basically a fantastic mate. I arranged my goodies on the table and then people arrived.
I gave a presentation including facts pinched from Lisa’s site U-handbag on the waste of carrier bags each year whilst talking and showing the grocery bag.

This lovely bag went to my fab friend Louise and is made from Ikea fabric. All hail Ikea. Apart from the queues. I do lose the will to live when i see three tills open and 400 people in lines all of which are buying a new kitchen, with each box turned the wrong way so that the cashier has to manhandle each box to bleep them through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway everybody seemed to love the bags, a lot were sold on the night and a lot were ordered including my fantastic nappy pouch which i am very proud of. The photos are a bit blurry of the evening as Kate was on the red wine.

ooo pretty baskets


3 Responses

  1. I’m very glad the party was a success. So – where are the pictures of the nappy pouch? (Not that I need one, I’m just curious.

  2. I wish I could have been there and left with a bag.

    Your struggle to display your blogging award made me laugh (You did mean for it to be funny? Otherwise please forgive my rude insensitivity)

  3. yep i did mean it to be funny, i just had a complete brain meltdown, and then a lovely email from Susanne made me realise that yes it really is that simple.

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