Just for Susanne

Right, at the request of Susanne here is the nappy pouch. It is the right size to fit a portable changing mat, some nappies, and has a detachable waterproof pouch inside to keep wipes. Each bag made can be sized to fit any changing mat, and obviously the fabric differs according to taste. I have an order for one in the Ikea Rainbow fabric. I will post photos shortly.For mothers using washable nappies, a drawstring waterproof sack can be made to place wet nappies in. The one in the photos is mine and it is just fantastic. The idea came about because my friend Liz kept asking for one – she is very insistent.

The pouch in poppy fabricDetachable wipe sack lined with waterproof fabric
clip handle so can be used on prams with one handle (like mine) or buggies with two


One Response

  1. That’s such a great idea. When my son still used nappies I never had a diaper bag but a small pouch. I could put two or three diapers in it, a mat and some wipes. I had a messenger bag for when I needed more stuff but the small pouch could be put just anywhere.

    The strap is perfect for hanging it up in public restrooms too.

    Thank you.

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