Yummy yummy chutney

I have a big aversion to vegetables that come from a supermarket shelf. I know that they are convenient but the fact that it takes on average 5 weeks for the vegetables to get from the fields to the shelves is a big put off. I also hate the fact that Mr billionaire Tescos, Asda, etc are getting all the money and the farmers are being paid pittance.
I am lucky in the fact that i live in a country village in Bedfordshire and we are near quite a few farm shops. Recently, i have started using a fantastic company called Locals Best. They deliver the vegetables to the door and unlike the other companies, all the veg is local. Last
week my veg box arrived and it looks like this. How fab does that look

All the veg comes from within a 10 mile radius of where i live and is as fresh as fresh pie. But even a vegeholic like myself cannot eat that much beetroot (2lbs) and andrew and the children are not too keen so i decided to make some beetroot chutney, using the onions as well plus some apples and raisons.

I am not too good about cutting the vegetables up small hence the large chunks of apple

After an hour of cooking it looked like this – the jars do not look overly pretty as i was having to rush out with the children.


2 Responses

  1. Every now and again I tell my boyfriend that I’m going to give up my job and stay at home cooking pesto all day.

    He always looks a bit worried but one day he came home with a pesto book.

    One day…

  2. everybody loves pesto

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