Hen do or dont

My cousin who is 8 years younger than me is getting married and has invited me to her hen do which is fantastic. They are all hot shot twenty somethings and i am a mid thirtyish married mother of two. SO i figiured that if I am going to be the oldest there with a waistline somewhat bigger than it used to be then I need to have a bloody good bag to go with my fab dress i bought a week ago.

So today i have bought this Alexander Henry fabric off EBay

and I am going to match it with these handles which i ordered from U-handbag a couple of days ago.

You can order them here. I cannot wait for my orders to arrive!!!!!!! It is very unusual for me to make a bag for myself and it is normally embarrassing when i tell people that i like to sew bags and knit scarves and yet my scarf is knackered and my bag is falling to bits. However this bag will be cool and funky. Pictures will be posted soon – as long as it goes OK.

I am over the moon at the thought of making something pretty rather than the grocery bags and nappy pouches that i have been making recently. Although first i have a beach bag order to complete and that includes a zip – don’t like zips. In fact i make up new words when putting in zips, the air turns blue and the Andrew and the children hide or disappear altogether.

Before all of that i have to work out what is wrong with my sewing machine. It keeps looping underneath the stitches which could be the wrong needle for the fabric or the wrong tension. My sewing knowledge is limited so it is a case of trying everything and seeing which wins.

I am slightly nervous about being away from the family over night (the Hen Do is in Brighton for the weekend) as the only time i have been away over night from them is when i was ill in hospital a year ago and then i was too ill to worry. I feel a long list of do’s and don’ts coming on for hubby


2 Responses

  1. You’re going to knock them dead with your new bag I’m sure.

    And my machine does that when the needle needs changing or when I’m not using the same kind of thread in the bobbin and the spool.

    Can’t wait to see the finished thing.

  2. Am looking forward to see the bag too. Those handles are really cute. And the fabric too.

    I can’t really help with your machine… Good luck though.

    And all will be fine with your family while you enjoy yourself. Really. Don’t worry.

    Okay, worry, but enjoy yourself all the same.

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