It is finished!!!!!!!! Well nearly

I have finished the bag for the hen weekend and I am really happy with it. Although the line of top stitching around the top is not as straight as i would have liked, but i do find that tricky on basket bags. (it is nearly finished as i have the hole in the lining still to sew which i always leave until the very last minute for some unknown reason)

I was worried that the fabric would not go that well with the handles but actually i think it works really well. And it is for me!!!!!!!!!!!! The dimensions are slightly smaller than normal, firstly because i did not have enough craft pelmet interfacing stuff and also because i will be using it in the evening so wanted it to be slightly smaller.

Susanne wrote a very interesting post in her blog creative.mother.thinking, about high heels – to wear or not to wear. It was a very good blog as normal with very interesting comments. I too wrote how although i feel high heels are pretty they are just not practical any more so i do not wear them. Until now that is. I have bought these and they are SO HIGH but they are so pretty. I will be in a wheelchair by the end of the evening with my feet covered in plasters like a teenager – not an supposed respectable mother of two, but they are pretty and really do go with the bag- don’t you think? I bought a paid of pretty flat shoes at the same time – the trendy ballet pumps. But they didn’t suit me a t all. Made me look as if i had strapped sacks of potatoes to the bottom of my legs.

I have had a ridiculously busy week this week with the world and his mother coming round for lunch each day so i feel that i have constantly been tied to the kitchen sink and oven. Oliver has had a good time with his friends though.

The beach bag is finally finished ready for collection this weekend. The photo did not come out too well but i am really pleased with it. The handles are long enough to fit comfortably over the shoulder but not too long. It can therefore be carried in the hand without dragging on the floor. IT has a tab fastening with a metallic clasp and the famous internal zipped pocket.

Susanne has tagged me with a meme about 10 things i like about myself. I will write these up next week. I thought it would be quite difficult but actually when i think about it i am finding it quite easy – my ego is obviously a lot bigger than i thought

I will take some photos of the hen weekend and post them next week.


10 Responses

  1. Hi Joanna, thanks for visiting me! Love your bags, you are very talented! Hope you have fun this weekend!!

  2. LOVE those shoes! Seriously. They’re fabulous.

    Love the bag too (I saw it on Flickr yesterday 😉 ) I won a pair of handles off Lisa to make this one – just need to find the fabric I want. I think your fabric/handles combo is great.

    Thanks for your comment about my piped/striped bag – it wasn’t too difficult, more time-comsuming and a bit fiddly in places. If I can do it, I’m sure you can, looking at your other bags!

  3. Have a great weekend.

    Killer shoes! I can’t walk in heels at all – I look like a 6 yr old dressing up!

  4. What a super bag – I just *love* the handles!

  5. The bag, the shoes…



  6. I think this is my first visit.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  7. Well I do appreciate your stopping over to see my blog and for commenting there. Your name is like that of Burchart Gardens in Canada, isn’t it? I remember the first time I saw your name I thought of that places near Victoria, BC.

    Thanks again.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Blog

  8. My, my, my! I LOVE the shoes… they are to die for! And with the bags – the best combination ever.

  9. I love the bag. At first I couldn’t imagine the handles and the fabric together but it looks fabulous. Also the beach bag.

    Your shoes look gorgeous. And that’s what I’m lamenting, they look so fabulous and yet your feet will surely hurt. (And, BTW, I despise those trendy ballet flats, don’t know why. And they only promise to be comfortable but for some reason they never are. My quest for the perfect shoes continues…)

  10. Those are great bags! I must admit, I’m a real purse addict (much to the dismay of my long-suffering hubby). How long does it usually take to make one of your bags?

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