It seems like an eternity since i have written in my blog. I had the best intentions of selecting 5 blogs for blog07. But you know i just didn’t. Life just sort of took over. Oliver starts full time school tomorrow so i have been busy getting things ready. PE bags have been made and they are fantastic although camera has gone missing since the banquet last week at the sow and pigs so no photos yet.

Taking Oliver to school. It is a big thing. He is ready. He needs it. It is the correct order of things. But, he is my baby. From now on he will be forever moving further and further away from me with his attainment of knowledge. I will miss him. Somehow I have managed to produce a really lovely boy whose company i really enjoy and I will miss him. But i am also excited. Excited that he will be learning to read and write and will be able to write down the fantastic stories he conjures up with his imagination. Excited that when Martha sleeps i can have a break to sew, tidy, read and even complete the book clubs book. Julian Barnes Arthur and George is the one we have just discussed and it is a phenomenal read. It goes into my top 20. But with school he takes one step further into the age of independence. I am also left with Martha who will be bereft without her brother. Entertainment will need to be found. I have lots of projects on the go and in my mind so baggy photos to follow really soon once i find my camera – i was drunk the last time i used it.

On another note at book club we discussed briefly things that we dislike – we were talking in relation to children and mine were considered strange

  1. I hate children being called kids. A kid is a baby goat. I did not give birth to goats.
  2. I do not like small children wearing black shoes
  3. I have a hatred of trainers in small children
  4. I do not like small children being dressed up in wedding suits etc. They are young and should not be made to look like adults

Am I on my own with these weird and wonderful obsessions?

Wish me luck tomorrow. Is anybody else facing the same dilemma??


3 Responses

  1. Good luck! Mine are back to school/preschool rather than starting, but I know the mixed feelings well. It took me a term to get used to it when Mark started – I missed the little devil – how daft! Good luck for tomorrow!

  2. Sometimes I feel weird because I enjoy it so much when my son goes to Kindergarten. Not that I dislike his company but I love having time for me and time for my husband. When school started again we were all delighted.

    I share your dislikes though I don’t care much about dressing children in suits and such since I rarely see it. I don’t know people who do that kind of celebration. With our son he always gets to wear something like a shirt (different from his usual tees), pants like jeans or corduroys and once we owned a vest. That was all.

    I really thought I was the only one not liking the term “kids” (and I thought this was because of me being a weird foreigner.)

  3. Just catching up with blogland – so I hope your little man has well and truly settled. In turn I hope you are enjoying a ‘little’ free time??!!

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