Bag attack again

It seems like a lifetime since i have made anything pretty with my sewing machine. Creatively i have been through a very dry period. Nothing to say on my blog, not sewing, still managing to read but only because the book club is forcing me to. So i have decided to get myself out of this pit of inactivity as i have birthday presents to make plus stock to get together for a handbag party and a craft fair, both planned before Christmas.
Maybe it is the calm of having Oliver at school that has caused my creative lull or the fact that i have worked so hard recently that once i stopped i could not get going again. Or it could be that i have become addicted in quite a serious way to Facebook. I am constantly playing scrabulous on it. For those of you who don’t know it is online scrabble. So, I come into the spare room, to look through fabric or to write my blog and then i spend my time looking at facebook, looking for the next word. Consequently I am finding it hard to say anything constructive which does not involve trying to get three letter word scores. Maybe i need help.
I have been reading other peoples blogs of course and one that i really enjoy is Lucy Lockets. It is so much fun to read and even has music playing on it. How cool is that.
So, my next three projects are two bags made out of the following two fabrics which are just yummy

No idea why the pictures are different sizes

and a making a puppet theatre for Oliver’s friends birthday. Hopefully it will go as well as Alis


2 Responses

  1. I’m sure it’ll be fab! And hopefully haul you out of the creative slump.

    I love the garden fabric.

  2. Hi Joanna,
    Glad to hear it’s not just me who has a creative block. I see what others are doing and I know I’d enjoy making something, but I just don’t have to inclination to get started. I’m off to have a look at Facebook, scrabulous sounds great! I enjoy a game of scrabble but no-one in my family can be persuaded to join in. It could be addictive though…how will we ever get creative if we get side-tracked all the time?!
    Thanks so much for the mention, I’m touched because I haven’t had anything to show for a while. Need to change that…..I love your blog too, look forward to seeing your bags.
    Gill x

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