Winter’s here

Thanks to Domesticali and her rave reviews of Bend the Rules Sewing, I bought the book. How glad I am. Not only does it have fantastic inspiration for simple bags that i can adapt but it also has inventive ideas for quick and easy things to sew with a difference such as a pixie hat for children. Having a little pixie of my own called Martha I decided to make one. I am so SO pleased with the results and have had lots of comments around the village from other mums. Mainly because i keep going “look at her hat I made that”. For some reason I am more excited about this then i am with bags. It was a tad fiddly around the pointy bit but basically very easy to make. I have already thought of ways to adapt the pattern to make a few more funky designs. Babies can carry off anything in a hat and my poor daughter will be wearing them all.

I now really really need to tidy up my sewing room as I cannot see the carpet (this is no joke) so that i can make the puppet theatre for Oliver’s friend.

4 Responses

  1. That hat – and the little pixie of course – is really cute.

    I have heard about that book but had the impression there were lots of bibs and place mats in it. I have to look at it again. I have never bought a sewing book before…

  2. Cute hat! Cute baby! Yes I’ve looked at the book but never wanted to buy it, now it’s in my Amazon shopping basket along with all the others…Christmas is coming, I hope to empty that shopping basket!

  3. Bless her cotton socks (and pixie hat!), she looks so gorgeous. Pleased you like the book.

  4. That is adorable!!!

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