So, I have a new computer woo hoo, but all my addresses etc for blogs are on the other computer. I am systematically going through them and adding them to my list but the feed thingy will not work so i am losing my patience. I have a new camera so that pretty photos of my bags and things will not look blurry but i have no idea how to download the photos onto the computer and i have yummy new things to show. A copy of photo shop has just turned up and i need to install that which will probably make my brain explode AND i held a NCT coffee morning this morning assuming that a couple of people would turn up as is the norm and….wait for it…..17 adults turned up with their children. If one more person had turned up they would have had to have drunk their coffee straight from the kettle. I am actually too scared to go downstairs and see the mess.

On the plus side i have had my new fireplace put in and i would show you a photo but cant see above moan.

SO i am going to eat Thorntons chocolate cake

Rant over. Have a good weekend

Oh yes my Moo cards turned up today and they are fanatstic so thanks to DOmesticali for that tip


3 Responses

  1. Phew, sounds exhaustive and exciting at the same time. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. I take it the Thorntons cake is the up side to hosting an NCT coffee morning – 17 is truly impressive.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I still haven’t got a copy of ‘that’ book (I think I’m the only crafter in the whole world without one!)but it looks like I HAVE to get one immediately as i have loved all the projects I have seen so far. Your daughter looks very cute in her bonnet!
    Oh, and there is something worse than vomit – there’s vomit on a dog! My son threw up on our dog, in the kitchen once. Do you know what dogs’ do when they are dirty and wet, yep they SHAKE themselves clean…not pretty at all.

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