So i have taken the Handmade Pledge see right toolbar. I have seen it on many blogs and then Lisa wrote about it here. It is just a fab idea.
I have a Christmas Shopping party to display my goodies at in November and a Christmas Fair in the Church at the beginning of December plus a few orders from the party last week to be getting on with so busy busy.
This is a new bag made from an Amy Butler pattern for my sister in law’s birthday – It was only a month late hey ho. I am really pleased with. I have changed the pattern slightly in that i have used the button purely for decoration using a magnetic closure instead. I have also made the handle slightly longer so although it is a bag to be held in the hand if you want it over the shoulder the option is there.

I am not a big fan of the colour pink but i really adore this one. The fabric is from ReproDepot.

Anyway regarding the hat, see previous post, I calmed down during the day and eventually found it quite amusing that “hatgate” was tearing through the village of Toddington with spottings of Martha’s hat on this little girl prior to my argument with her. It then mysteriously disappeared in the afternoon, probably the pointing and shouting of “isn’t that Martha’s hat” made the mother think that she should leave it at home. I am glad i kept my cool (to some extent – i didn’t swear or call her names) and i have made Martha a lovely new one and have embroidered her name into it which is a sales trick i am going to try at the craft fair. every silver lining etc etc.

During my time which was meant to be spent tidying up the sewing room today I flicked over to Sew Mama Sew and they are posting tutorials for each day of November. It is only the 6th today and i have a list of stuff i want to make, so nip over there for Christmas prezzie ideas.

Oh yeh and before i finish here is another bag i have made in the last week – no wonder my sewing room is such a tip


3 Responses

  1. That’s a great Amy bag, I saw it on Lisa’s Flickr. Would love to hear how your bag party goes, if I don’t sell many at the fair I’m going to hold one with some mince pies and wine/ sherry before Christmas.

  2. I love both bags, the shape of the Amy Bulter bag is great (I’m not a fan of pink too though this looks good.), and I love the fabric of the second one.

  3. Oh, and about the handmade presents? Not going to happen here. I totally stressed out because I knit some fingerless mittens for my mother’s birthday. I won’t burden myself with even more projects to finish on time. (Though I must admit there is a stuffed elephant pattern sitting on my desk right now that my son would love, and I promised my husband a scarf for his birthday in January.)

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