Christmas Crafting

So, on my handmade only present theme, I have ordered a fab cupcake ring off Robins Jewellery Box on Etsy, and a print for Andrew for Christmas from my friend Graham’s site. Funnily enough i haven’t bought one of the prints where he is showing everything he has got but walk 4 from Procession of the Dead. I am under the impression that Andrew never reads my blog so hopefully he will not know what he is getting. As you can tell if you link to Graham’s site, his stuff may test the boundaries but it demonstrates what a talent he is. ( I was going to say what a talent he has but if you look at “meat the Grahams” this could be taken in the wrong way.)

Anyway, I have a table at a craft fair in the village on 3rd December and i am currently making little things that are not too expensive. Photos are to follow later but i keep forgetting to take them whilst making the stuff.

I am making little gift bags with a christmassy theme,
zippered pouches
I may make Christmas decorations
carrier bag holders

I also keep meaning to take photos of my moo cards but because my camera is constantly in a new hiding place away from Martha, I keep forgetting where i have put it.

Anyway photos to follow honest. Plus a new bag for my friend Hazel which is lovely.


2 Responses

  1. Jo, I could have had a stall JUST selling those carrier bag holders! IMO you can’t make too many! And they’re dead quick and easy (and they embellish beautifully, if you want). I also suggest those hair clip thingies with vintage buttons and yo yo’s I sold loads. if you email me your add I’ll snail mail you one to copy (FOC, of course).

  2. I’m a bit dumb because I thought the all handmade pledge meant all handmade by me. Duh. That’s more manageable though.

    I’d think that doing little things might be a very good plan for your table at the fair.

    And I’m looking forward to the pictures. (Maybe you should try finding a Martha-safe spot for your camera where it can stay? So that you’ll find it again?)

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