As you can see in the right hand tool bar there is a chicken and a banner with the strange title of “Chicken Out”. For those of you in the UK you will have seen the big push to get everyone to buy free-range chicken or better still organic. If you havent seen the programme click here. Although i knew about the lives of intensively farmed chickens and as a result buy free range always, i still found the programme harrowing and at times had to turn over as it was too painful to watch. If you havent already, sign up to their campaign you can do so by clicking in the right hand tool bar.

On a lighter note if you want to see a funny story about a chicken click here and go to the lovely marmadaisy blog.

back to craftiness again next time.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link. Personally, I don’t eat chicken but I really do agree that if you MUST have meat, please consider where it comes from.

  2. We have been buying almost exclusively organic meat for the past years. I wouldn’t want to change back, and one point i that it tastes so much better.

  3. I was trying to knit my second sock at the time of watching, so I only caught the gory bits out of the corner of my eye. I’ve been a ‘quality raised meat’ eater for a while. On the grounds of taste alone it is worth it, without even considering the morality.

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