Weight loss

So if you remember a life time ago, I was going to give up all things nice, i.e. caffeine, chocolate and alcohol. I did this for two weeks and also focused on eating high protein and low carb. Obviously the caffeine chocolate (but only dark) and alcohol have come back in becuase i am human and need to function. But on the other side, high protein low carb – i have lost 18lbs!!!! Woo hoo. So i am finally pre pregnancy weight, just an extra stone to go!!!

Anyway, i have signed up to do the three craft fairs in the village this year and will be working towards selling cheaper stuff as well as the bags. I have learnt from past experience that people only want to spend pocket money amounts when they go to these things.

So will be working on the inevitable carrier bag holders but also oven gloves and peg bags. have also asked permission from the fabulous Marmadaisy, if i can sell a few rings using my interpretation of her button and beaded affairs. Quick and easy and very effective and a couple of quid each.

This afternoon i will be making my speciality for hubby’s birthday. Beef in Beer followed by Celebration chocolate brownies. The brownies each have a celebration chocolate in the middle so each one is different and every one a surprise

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine


What the……??????

My cousin Danielle has just sent me this. Cor arent you glad times have changed, although i think i can catergorically say, i wouldnt have taken this seriously even if i had been a wife back in the 50’s Unfortunately as it is a picture you will need to print it out to read it. COuldnt think of any other way of doing it

Joanna who??

Cor I haven’t written anything for an age, kept wanting to and then not. I feel that i should put forward some form of explanation, but the explanation seems boring and self indulgent but i will give it a go anyway. I was diagnosed with depression about a month ago. Things had come to a head and something had to be done. I believe it is a mixture of post-natal depression and post traumatic stress which i was diagnosed with after i was ill shortly after having Martha. After my gorgeous nephew was born, memories came flooding back about being away from my baby and it was difficult to get on with everyday life. Anyway, saw the lovely Dr Neil 5 weeks ago and i feel that i am on the mend.

Consequently i haven’t really done any crafting to speak of but i am now getting lots of ideas in my head for my Etsy shop, which i am going to try and get round to in the next couple of weeks. One is for a gorgeous suede bag with this fabric as a lining. this fabric is from Cheap Threads

Plus i will carry on with my wire sewing and i have put my name down for three craft fairs this year. So my sewing machine will be in use soon.

Art Award

So I have been given an award from the lovely Andrea at Indigo Blue, one of my favourite spots for lurking. It is an art award

The Award originally came from Arte Y Pico’s Blog and has been carried forward again and again. The rules are simple

  • Post the award on your own blog with a link to the blog it came from
  • Indicate its original link and link to that site. (Arte Y Pico from Uruguay)
  • Pass the award on to your five favourite bloggers – people who inspire and stimulate.

So the award goes to the following

Ali : Domesticali is such a fantastic read. Updated so regularly (unlike me recently) and really funny full of crafty and homey stuff. If you havent found her site yet. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN.

Creative Mother Thinking: Suzanne has a fantastic blog which has craftiness running through it as well as thought provoking pieces on social justice and insights into her life as a mum and music teacher. It is brilliant.

Marmadaisy : I love Anna’s blog. the photos of her home are breathtaking, her crafting is beautiful and her posts are plentiful and witty.

Lucy Locket: Her posts are always fun and interesting and worth the read. Photos are always lovely

And of course last but in no way least

Lisa at U-handbag. This is the site that inspired me to make bags. Lisa gives tutorials and advice willingly. HEr shop sells fantastic goods and her blog is as my 5 year old would say SUPER DOUPER

Thanks again Andrea for a lovely award, it has inspired me to get writing blogs and posting pictures again

see ya chaps

Woo hoo i am off here today, well in about half an hour. For a overnight stay with a few girl friends for relaxation and NO CHILDREN. I dont even want any treatments done, i want to sit, read, have a cup of tea listen to my ipod and not be interrupted by requests from a 5 year old and a 1.5 year old. Bliss

All wired up

So as promised here are the photos of my first attempt at knitting with wire. Actually sounds like it should be a reality show on the telly doesnt it. Taking photos of jewellery is actually harder than photographing bags but i had a go anyway.

The bracelet is actually just made out of plain knit using a 28 guage jewellery wire which has then been folded over 3 times and sewn to give it thickness. The outlining beads on sewn on at the end. To have a beaded effect running all the way through it the beads would be added on as you go.

I have purchased a french Dolly to knit a long wire rop with which i can then either stuff with beads or silk cord to form a chocker or bangle. I am really excited by this actually. I think the effect of the wire is stunning and different from the normal beaded jewellery. Please let me know what you think.

Disappearing act

I havent posted for ages and ages. It has been an incredibly difficult couple of weeks, i wont bore you with the details, but it has meant that i havent had the time or the inclination to write anything. Things seem to be on the up now and i hope to be posting photos of my new project very soon. I will be collecting my light box from the post office today (hopefully as i have lost my little note from teh postman) and will be taking photos tomorrow.

I have had a little break from sewing (only little whilst i got my head sorted) and have been knitting jewellery with wire. The aim is to have both jewellery and bags in my etsy shop. I am so pleased with my first attempt which i hope to have finished today. Tomorrow i will have to start working on bag orders that have taken a back seat.

So hope everyone is ok and i intend to be posting more frequently soon.