All wired up

So as promised here are the photos of my first attempt at knitting with wire. Actually sounds like it should be a reality show on the telly doesnt it. Taking photos of jewellery is actually harder than photographing bags but i had a go anyway.

The bracelet is actually just made out of plain knit using a 28 guage jewellery wire which has then been folded over 3 times and sewn to give it thickness. The outlining beads on sewn on at the end. To have a beaded effect running all the way through it the beads would be added on as you go.

I have purchased a french Dolly to knit a long wire rop with which i can then either stuff with beads or silk cord to form a chocker or bangle. I am really excited by this actually. I think the effect of the wire is stunning and different from the normal beaded jewellery. Please let me know what you think.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Joanna,
    French Dolly’s are really good for this and fun to use. My husband bought me a wire knitting jewellery kit for my birthday but I have not started it yet. It also uses a dolly, better have a look at it.
    The braclet has turned out really well and I love the colour.

  2. That’s looking great. Good idea.

  3. I know nothing about this at all, but it looks good to me.

  4. It really looks stunning. I can’t imagine knitting with wire though.

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