Joanna who??

Cor I haven’t written anything for an age, kept wanting to and then not. I feel that i should put forward some form of explanation, but the explanation seems boring and self indulgent but i will give it a go anyway. I was diagnosed with depression about a month ago. Things had come to a head and something had to be done. I believe it is a mixture of post-natal depression and post traumatic stress which i was diagnosed with after i was ill shortly after having Martha. After my gorgeous nephew was born, memories came flooding back about being away from my baby and it was difficult to get on with everyday life. Anyway, saw the lovely Dr Neil 5 weeks ago and i feel that i am on the mend.

Consequently i haven’t really done any crafting to speak of but i am now getting lots of ideas in my head for my Etsy shop, which i am going to try and get round to in the next couple of weeks. One is for a gorgeous suede bag with this fabric as a lining. this fabric is from Cheap Threads

Plus i will carry on with my wire sewing and i have put my name down for three craft fairs this year. So my sewing machine will be in use soon.

3 Responses

  1. Totally feel for you Joanna, I have suffered since I was about 16 and at my worst spent about 6 months unable to leave the house, go to work, or answer the ‘phone. You just concentrate on being well xxx

  2. There’s nothing boring or self indulgent about it. Good for you getting it seen to.

  3. I agree with Ali. And I always find it fascinating to read how other people are dealing with this. It’s nice to hear that you are feeling better, though.

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