Four Things I’d…..

I have been tagged by Anna (congrats by the way on the Amy Butler competition Anna) with a four things Meme which sounds like fun so here we go

Four Films I would watch over and over

Last of the Mohicans
Die hard (sorry just love them to bits)
Unbearable Lightness of Being
The English Patient

Four Places I have lived

St Albans (Hertfordshire)
Leatherhead (surrey)
Toddington (beds)

Four Shows I watch

Ashes to Ashes
Master Chef

Four Places I have been

Mexico City

Four People who email me

My mum
Liz (friend in the village)
Book Groups (friends in the village)
danielle (cousin)

Four things i Love to eat

dark Chocolate
Organic Peanut Butter
Crisp and dip (although i dont really due to waistline but would if i could)

Four Places I’d rather be

In the pub with friends for a lazy lunch sans enfants
Starbucks reading and drinking americano with whipped cream
On holiday with family
In the bath reading with a glass of wine

Four things i have to look forward to this year

Holiday in france with family and Liz’s family
New Kitchen
Making more things
Childrens’ exploits

I now have to tag four people so i choose but i am feeling lazy so can i leave it open for anybody to do please. Especially those new to blogging as it nice to find things out about people.

Happy Easter


One Response

  1. You know what captured my imagination the most? The new kitchen you’re looking forward to. Even a little more than the prospect of vacationing in France. But then I have been in Paris last year while my kitchen looks almost exactly the way my husband’s paternal grandmother furnished it after “the great dishwasher incident” in the late seventies.

    Oh, and have a nice easter weekend!

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