Lots of crafty things


Well quite a few things to say, firstly i have entered into the inspirational craft swap.  Email marmadaisy if you want to join.  Secondly my ring tutorial has been entered into the sew mama sew contest. 

Now as wordpress will not let me put certain banners into my margins, i have put the links and also the pictures but if you click on them you may be unlucky and not be re-directed so please use the links above. 

If you havent already entered my first giveaway, I would really love it if you did.  I am a bit low on entries and would love to hear from you if you are reading.  I am quite nice really

Thanks for the help on my last rant about wordpress i have decided to stay put for the time being out of sheer laziness more than anything.  I am not blessed with huge technological skill when it comes to blogs so i will just stay put and not give myself (or poor anna) any grief about it.

So, in the last couple of days i have got a couple of orders in and have finally got round to taking photos of a few bits and bobs for my etsy shop.  I am working under the assumption that if i keep adding stuff in eventually something will sell.  EVENTUALLY.  Oh yes well done to Indigo Blue as i know her items have started to sell which is fab.  If you havent visited her site yet make sure you do as she is having a giveaway to celebrate her 100th post.

Thought i would share some of the piccies with you

hairslide with fabric yo yos

hairslide with 5 square beads 


Fabric sunglasses holder with metal clasp

A beautiful stone i bought from my local craft shop made into a ring

they should be in my shop by the end of today, she says hopefully.  although i do have my book for book group to finish and waking the dead is on tonight but i will try my hardest.  Let me know what you think of my latest creations.



Advice needed desperately please

It would seem that word press will not allow me to put the inspirational craft swap banner in my side bar, or the etsy community one.  why not???  becuase it apparently goes against the wordpress “ethics”.  This is seriously “p***ing me off.  I now dont know whether to go back to blogger or to move to another provider.  If i move again will i lose the readers i have (albeit a small but valuable community).  Advice please.

Ring tutorial and give away


So in readiness for this ring tutorial i got out my ring making drawer.  Can you actually see any beads within this mess of stuff.  what the hell is my bone folder doing in there i here you ask, what the hell is a bone folder i hear more of you asking.

Anyway here is the finished ring.  I have used white beading cotton as it is easier for you to see how it is threaded in the pictures, I would normally use a co-ordinating colour to the beads. Everything here is available at your local craft store, mine is called  Craftability and it is just great.

So here is the finished article.  I am going to give a tutorial on the making of this ring (my first) followed by a giveaway.  This giveaway is a ring made specifically for the winner in a colour combination of their choice.  If like Suzanne you like oranges for example then this is what you need to state, if green is your thing then say so.  Clear as mud???  good oh.  To win all you have to do is leave a comment.  I will put exact details at the end.

So this is the ring

 This is what you will need to make your own:

  • An assortment of beads in your own chosen colour combination – different sizes helps.  Mine were a mixture of 6mm amber colour, gold ones about 4mm (i dont have the size as they were a gift) and some 2mm assorted.
  • A blank ring frame – mine is an adjustable one with sieve.  The sieve is needed to thread the beads through and is made by a company called “make me”
  • Beading thread – i have also used beading wire, slightly different process and less jangly ring when worn
  • Beading needle or very thin needle that will fit through the smallest bead you have.  It is the eye of the needle that can cause the problems so always check first by pushing it through
  • scissors


  1. Secure the beading thread to sieve Thread your needle with a length of thread long enough to complete the ring.  Always overestimate.  Push the needle through one of the holes in the sieve from underneath, stopping the end part of the thread with your finger 

Bring the needle down through the adjacent hole in the sieve and pull tight (still keeping hold of the thread 


end). Tie in a secure knot underneath.

2.  We are now ready to thread the beads on.  I wanted to make a striking star shaped kind of ring.  Not too symmetrical ( i have this thing with symmetry in certain areas and i cant stand it) so for this i decided to use a biggish bead on the bottom with a smaller one on top.  Obviously with this you muddle along as you choose.  If it goes wrong start again – the beauty of ring making is that mistakes do not cost much.  So bring the needle back up through the first hole in the sieve (the one used to secure the thread) and push the needle through your first bead and then your second if using. Push the beads down to the sieve and then insert the needle back through the hole of the FIRST bead you threaded.  (otherwise the thread will come out clean)

Draw the needle up through the sieve and both beads, bring the needle back down

by inserting the needle into the first bead and then back through the same hole in the sieve

3. All you need do now is continue like this around the ring, building up your own pattern of beads as you go. 


As you can see i have used a combination of sizes and colours, making the bead towers taller in places towards the middle.  When you have finished your main bead display you may wish to fill in the gaps (where there are spare holes in the sieve) with the smallest beads you have.

I suddenly found this pot and decided to do just that, using the darker orange ones

Right hopefully when you have finished threading your beads on you will have a sieve of loveliness so now all you need to do is secure the thread once more. 

4. To secure thread You probably will have a better way of doing this but i push the needle through a hole to the bottom of the sieve, thread the needle through a couple of the stitches created at the bottom of the sieve and secure with a tight knot.  But as long as it is secure any method is ok.

5. Attach the sieve to the ring base I am probably being insulting by explaining this bit as it is completely self explanatory (having said that so is the rest probably but hey ho).  Fix the sieve into the main ring part, ensuring that the triangle pointy bits are pointing upwards.  Using a pair of scissors or other sharp implement, secure the sieve by pusing the triangles down onto the sieve.  You may find you need to wiggle the sieve part around a bit so that the beads are not in the way.

Voila your lovely ring is complete.  I hope you found the instructions clear enough.  this is my first ever tutorial.

Anyway for the giveaway

All you have to do is comment on this post saying how you thought this went for a first tutorial, leaving your favourite colour combinations. I will put all the names into a hat and ask Oliver (my son) to pick one out on Wednesday 30th April.  the winner will get a bespoke ring to their colour choice made specifically for them.

Have a good weekend

Its finished

So wow i have just finished making the ring for my tutorial which i hopefully will have written up by tomorrow.  the ring is huge and completely wacky and caused a few problems mainly becuase i was trying to take photos of the process which seemed immensely fiddly.

Also today i have bought som red silk dupion and ostrich feathers to make a bag to go with my new strapless dress.  Andrew and I (and half the village) are going to the Toddington May Ball in a few weeks and i need a good bag.  A bit stupid to say you make bags and not have one with you, plus if it comes out well it will make good advertising.  Although if i dont find some good scaffolding to go under my dress it will be safe to say that peoples eyes will not be on the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway my first tutorial tomorrow

I hope that if you are lucky enough to have sunshine today you are enjoying it

So tell me honestly

Do you prefer this design or the previous dark green one.  this one looks a bit office like i know but i can get three columns which seemed a good idea.  I have decided i much prefer wordpress to blogger, there are far more options and more flexibility.

Anyway this week i will be posting a ring tutorial promised a long time ago, plus showing photos from this fab new book i purchased yesterday.  I drooled over it whilst drinking my coffee in Borders.  I am also hoping to stock my etsy shop up with my cupboard full of bags plus go shopping for some silk for a ball i am going to in May.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend

More family rantings

Well, I have taken loads of photos of my new creations but still haven’t played around with them as family disasters have taken over AGAIN.  So thought i would bore you with a couple of details.

Martha is feeling a lot better on her two lots of medicine three times a day.  Her appetite has gone through the roof which is great as she was looking really skinny and she is just full of beans.  So what does her numb skull mother do???  Only give her a biscuit without reading the label and then have to watch her get covered in these horrid hives (imagine being stung at least 50 times by a nettle all at once).  She proceeded to scream and point into her mouth.  I ran the bath and called the doctor who said the screaming was a good thing at least she was breathing.  Give her piriton which i did.  BAthed her took her downstairs and spoke to my mum whilst looking at martha only to notice that she couldnt close her mouth and that her bottom lip was sticking out like Bubba in FOrest Gump.  I asked her to stick her tongue out – she couldnt.  I gave her a beaker to drink from and she couldnt get it in her mouth as it was all so swollen.

Piriton thankfully started to kick in and within 10 minutes of the swelling she was up asking for a dvd to be put on.  the hives however left their mark for about 24 hours.

The result – definitely allergic to hazelnuts.  we now have 2 epi pens, oral steroids and a blood test booked.

But she is in a bed now as the health visitor thought it may help to solve all her sleep problems (believe me there is another 10 posts on that alone) and do you know what she is asleep and things are looking good. (well apart from the fact i accidently overdosed her medicine slightly which led to a call to nhs direct and lots of calculations about body weight etc etc)

anyway look here is one photo of the bag i made for my friend liz.  the photo was taken on Marthas little rocking chair as i had only just finished it and was about to take it to the pub to give to her.  Basically i had ten minutes to take the photo and it was dark

Liz\'s Bag

Hello world!

Hiya so following on from Marmadaisy, suzanne and domesticali’s changing their blog provider i felt the need to follow suit, so that i can try and get the appearance how i like it.  believe me this will take time.  Hopefully what readers i do have will follow me over and carry on reading and change their link to the new address.  The appearance may well change a lot as i play around with it. So apologies in advance