camera broken

So a bit seems to have fallen out of the camera and it now wont work. Where it fell out and how it fell out, who knows. But anyway i have made some lovely lovely stuff and cannot take photos of it. Boo hoo

We are surviving the Easter holidays – just and are hopefully off to Eco World tomorrow and then Andrew and i are taking the children to London on Friday to see the Doctor Who exhibition. I am also hoping to get a glass of champers at the new bar in St Pancreas but we will have to see how tired the children are.

I am about to cover my first canvas with fabric and am trying to design a bag for my friends birthday party using these gorgeous handles from the lovely lisa

Hope you are all having a fun time


3 Responses

  1. Too bad about the camera.

    I’m all jealous about the Dr. Who-exhibition though. I only recently discovered Dr. Who since it was shown for the first time ever in Germany this year. And then only about five episodes. It might return though.

  2. Have fun!

  3. Oh Bum!! How annoying!
    Enjoy the trip.

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