My first canvas

Woo hoo i found the missing bit to the camera when i was sorting out my sewing room. well actually it is the spare room come library come sewing room come office. As my brother in law and his new girlfriend are coming to stay this afternoon, I have been frantically tidying and trying to find the bed hidden beneath purchases. Do you find having a clear out makes you want to make more things? I feel so eager to get sewing now i can sit in space rather than fight may way through clutter with pins sticking in my feet

Anyway, after an argument with a cheap staple gun from eBay here is my first attempt at wall art. It actually looks better than this but where it is positioned above my fire place, it isn’t easy to get a good enough picture. Anyway i have had lots of compliments

I am now off to make chocolate and chili ice cream. Did i ever give you the recipe for that i cant remember, I will if you like as it is lovely and although quite lengthy to make does not require an ice cream machine
Enjoy the weekend everyone

2 Responses

  1. How great that you found the missing bit of the camera. And that you have a tidy sewing room too, even if you can’t use it at the moment.

    The canvas looks fabulous. I hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  2. I love a good tidy in the sewing room, it never stays that way for long though.
    I love your canvas, it’s a great idea for using little bits of favourite fabric.

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