Its finished

So wow i have just finished making the ring for my tutorial which i hopefully will have written up by tomorrow.  the ring is huge and completely wacky and caused a few problems mainly becuase i was trying to take photos of the process which seemed immensely fiddly.

Also today i have bought som red silk dupion and ostrich feathers to make a bag to go with my new strapless dress.  Andrew and I (and half the village) are going to the Toddington May Ball in a few weeks and i need a good bag.  A bit stupid to say you make bags and not have one with you, plus if it comes out well it will make good advertising.  Although if i dont find some good scaffolding to go under my dress it will be safe to say that peoples eyes will not be on the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway my first tutorial tomorrow

I hope that if you are lucky enough to have sunshine today you are enjoying it


3 Responses

  1. The sun just came out after two days of rain…

    I’m really looking forward towards the tutorial and the bag with ostrich feathers. Sounds exciting.

  2. Not seen a ring tutorial before o I am looking forward to it. Still like this layout.

  3. Hello fellow Joanna…
    Besides our name, we also have in common being new to wordpress. I thought I was fairly computer literate until i tried to make a nice blog. Can’t wait to see the feather bag…sounds intriguing.

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