Advice needed desperately please

It would seem that word press will not allow me to put the inspirational craft swap banner in my side bar, or the etsy community one.  why not???  becuase it apparently goes against the wordpress “ethics”.  This is seriously “p***ing me off.  I now dont know whether to go back to blogger or to move to another provider.  If i move again will i lose the readers i have (albeit a small but valuable community).  Advice please.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t understand, is it that you’re not able to put the links in, or the banners, or have things been removed from your site?
    When I thought about wordpress I tried for a very short while before decided to have a self-hosted wordpress blog. But that was because I couldn’t have music on

  2. Cannot solve your technical difficulties, but can easily update my subscription!

  3. Well, I looked at WordPress and decided it wasn’t for me. I think (for me, at least) I’m going to stick with blogger. It’s not perfect, but it’s the most flexible and I think the easiest to use.
    Bloglines can easily be updated! You have to feel happy with your service.

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