And sew to sew

My cousin Danielle has recently moved into my village into an absolutely beautiful 16th century cottage and yes i am sick with jealousy.  Anyway, she placed an order last week for a bag to take her lunch to work.  She commutes to London every day where she works as an accountant (and yet she still has a fab personality amazing!!!!!!!!!!!). Danielle currently uses a paper gift bag, the type with the cord handles.  She wanted something almost identical but not paper obviously.

I figured that oil cloth would probably be the best fabric to use as i wouldnt need to line it (pointless having a lining if it is going to get covered in drink/yoghurt etc) and it is hardy and weatherproof

On ebay i went looking for some nice Cath kidston oilcloth when i remembered that i hadnt used all the blue and white dotty stuff i bought from Lisa about a year ago.  Result.  Danielle likes it as well.  DOuble result.

Anyway after drawing up from the dimensions Danielle gave me this is what i came up with.

As you can see it is a very simple design.  I made eyelets for the cotton cord to go through ( i have the bruise on my thumb to prove where i missed with the hammer).  I figured it needed a hard bottom so have used some grid bag bottom and covered it with the oilcloth which is hand sewn around the plastic and fixed down to the bottom.  To close the bag, I have used some velcro pads which are self adhesive so no sewing shows through the other side.

It measures approx 23cms at the bottom and is approx 25 cms tall and 10cms in depth.  Practically spot on to my brief.

Anyway let me know what you think

I am off to the GLobe today with my brother to see King Lear.  have a good weekend


5 Responses

  1. Lovely clour and pattern. Not tried a bag in oil cloth before, perhaps one for the future. Did sned an email yesertday and managed to send it to myself (Doh!) so I have sent it again! What a twit!
    Best wishes.

  2. That’s a great design. Oilcloth sounds a bit challenging to sew with though I see that it’s probably perfect for a bag like that.

  3. She’ll be thrilled, I’m sure. I have never sewn oilcloth (scared of it!).

  4. Love it. That’s such a great idea, and cute too.

  5. That’s a brill use for the oilcloth, very neat job on the bag bottom too. I bet Danielle is delighted.

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