So what do you do when?

you have billions of ideas floating around in your head and not enough time to fulfil/make them.  Plus on top of the ideas i have my mother in laws birthday present to complete and my bag for the May Ball to start and finish.  Bearing in mind i see the m – in-law on Thursday and the ball is on Saturday, means that i am feeling a tad stressed.  But as i was cutting out the red silk dupion for my bag this evening, three zillion ideas of what i could do with the left over fabric came flooding into my head.

When will i be able to do this?????

Its no good i am going to have to teach my two year old to sew.  I will post photos of my mother in laws present tomorrow or Wednesday when it is finished complete with the link to the tutorial.  fab present i thought. 

Horrid morning tomorrow.  Have a nurse appointment for a check up that all females have to go through( i think you know what i am talking about).  the problem with living in such a friendly village with my family around me is that the nurse knows all of them.  There is nothing worse than having to answer questions on your family posed by the nurse as she is pulling on her gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway photos soon, including piccies of the ring i made for my giveaway!!!!!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. Oh dear.. I live in a village too so know what you mean! Good luck!

  2. Please tell me the photos are of bags and not your exam!

  3. You do what we all do. You make a note. And then lose it and then have another idea, and then sometime make something out of it, and sometimes it just sits there for ages, and just when you thought you were totally foolish to keep those scraps all those times you have yet another idea, and the fabric is just perfect for that.

    I hope you get both of your bags completed without much problem and stress.

  4. Very funny – when you said ‘photos soon’ after the sentence about rubber gloves!

    I live in a small town too and our nurse used to sit behind me in church.

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