Note to self……

Dear Joanna, when there are only two days to go before a May Ball that has cost £40 per ticket, a ridiculous amount of money on the right underwear (to ensure strapless dress of ebay stays up) and hubby has bought gorgeous necklace to go with dress. Please make sure that in future, the bag is made, sitting waiting patiently to be shown to the world.  Not as is the case, in lovely bits of folded fabric, a feather boa and a pot of beads pinched from a friend yesterday, on a shelf waiting impatiently to be started

It is Thursday afternoon, the Ball is Saturday starting at 6.  300 people from the village will be there and i have informed everyone about the stunning red silk bag with ostrich feather trimming that i will be taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I started the said complicated bag 2 hours ago.  Have invented new swear words and jesticulations whilst sewing the silk.  Gathers??????  Who invented gathers???????????  Gathers in silk????  yes well, i have completed that part – thank the God of handbag making –  and i thought i would give you a sneaky peak at the WIP.  It should be finsihed tomorrow (Friday).  Mum is coming to control look after martha whilst i sew and do clever things with feathers, beads and wire.

I have done a bit more since starting this post and it is starting to look really good, although it will involve some handsewing grrrrrrrr.  Anyway hope you like the pics.

Off to take Martha to the doctors – AGAIN


4 Responses

  1. Well, at least you have a babysitter.

    I’m sure it will look stunning. And that you will be able to finish it without having to sew through the night.

  2. Hope you (and your sure-to-be-stunning bag) have a most excelent time!

  3. Bag (almost finished) absolutely stunning contrast with long black strapless dress. Have a great time.

  4. The Bag is Beautiful, It must have taken you a long time.
    You are very talented and looking forward to seeing your new collection!!!

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