Just keep running……….

Yep completed the Race for lIfe run on Sunday all 5km of it.  I was a bit disappointed that i had to walk some of it but as they had just cut the grass my hayfever was triggered off and by the 3km point i realised that my inhaler was empty dur!!!.  So i walked a bit there but Liz and I managed to finish in just over 35 mintues.

What with that and starting yoga last week, i am feeling pretty inspired.  I am off to do some knitting in a while something i havent sat down to do in ages.  But i have taken the pressure off myself to sell my pieces, as the enjoyment of making htem was starting to disappear and was being replaced with stress.  I am now just going to make what i enjoy and perfect my skills and see where it takes me.  I am also going to get writing once again and who knows maybe something will turn up which will combine the two.  For now though here is a picture of me at the end



Warning – may be highly emotive

Tomorrow is Martha’s second birthday and hubby is currently assembling a beautiful wooden dolls house.  I on the other hand am an emotional wreck.  I spent the earlier part of the evening in tears looking at baby photos and the rest dwelling over what has happened in the last two years.  Most of which has been covered at some point in this blog. 

But, 2 years ago to this very point in time i had just gone into labour – 9 days late.  Contractions were full on immediately and Martha was born 3.5 hours later just making it into the 19th of June by 36 minutes.  I was laughing, Martha was beautiful.  The first comment from my son on seeing his new sister the next day was “Martha is that like martha the monkey?????”  It took at least 2 hours before we went “AH MARTHA THE MONKEY FROM NODDY”  Oliver was only 3 at the time.

2.5 weeks later as most of you know i was back in hospital with a rare infection called cavitating pneumonia, which created a large hole in my lung – which has now healed.

Martha then spent the next 20 months of her life ill with something or other. Asthma, incredibly bad eczema, reflux, gastritis and ear infections.  It is only now (and believe me i am touching every piece of wood going) that she has been well for nearly two months.  She is tall, not skin and bones and as naughty and cheeky as they come.  I am blessed with both my children although i dont always appreciate this especially around 5pm most school days!!!.

Looking back over the photos i came across so many of her with incredibly sore skin, red, weeping or cracking or just simply shiny from the amount of cream.  It bought back memories of sitting by her cot, holding her hands to stop her scratching, trying not to scream when i walked in to find her cot drenched in blood, coming home to find my mum holding her and my mum in tears as martha had been screaming so much in pain from her tummy she had scratched her head till it was pouring with blood and she looked like something out of a horror film.  My beautiful baby girl. 

 Eczema is such an awful, harrowing and painful condition that unless you have witnessed it at first hand it is difficult to appreciate.  I know i suffer too as does my mum.  Unfortunately my mum was born before the introduction of steroid creams and my nan had to watch as her baby girl (my mum) was put in a cot in hospital and her hands were tied to the top and her feet to the bottom to stop her from scratching.  She lost so much weight in her hospital stay that when my nan went to collect her (you couldnt stay with your child then) she didnt recognise her own baby.

So much has happened in the last couple of years including olivers surgery, that i felt it important to sit and think about it. Watching martha at a local playgroup this morning i felt incredibly sad that i wouldnt have another baby and this is it – no longer a baby – properly a pre-school toddler.

But the little monkey is 2 tomorrow i have made her a little bolero jacket which i will show pictures of tomorrow, and am already planning soft furnishing for the dolls house.

promise promise promise to be posting baggy sewing stuff soon and lots of upbeat stuff honest!!!!!!!!!!!



Hello, I havent posted for an age but i have been sewing so will catch up with piccies of that tomorrow or over the weekend.  But as i was in the kitchen marinating olives, i thought i would share my cheap olive tip.  You will probably read this and go “yeah Jo we do that already” but just in case you dont and are addicted to yummy olives like me, here is a tip on how to save those pennies.

I am a sucker in a deli or a gorgeous market buying pots of olives in different marinades at £2 plus a pop and then eating the lot in an evening.  Anyway last week I bought a jar of olives in brine (pitted) – 49p for quite a big jar.  I tipped them out, rinsed them, put half back in the jar added slices of garlic and some black pepper and then filled the jar with the rest.  Poured in extra virgin olive oil up to the top of the jar, closed it up, shook it and bunged it in the fridge.  they were beautiful.  My friend Liz and I devoured them in minutes (over a couple of bottles of champagne no less)

Anyway just thought i would share this olive tip with you as have just finished a few more jars.  Hope you are all well

back to the ball

Suzanne reminded me that i promised photos of  the ball plus details of the bag making.  Life has been a bit hectic with one thing and another recently and i have lost the creative urge to make anything or indeed sell anything.  I am hoping it will come back soon.  Well i want to make myself a summer hat and a ipod carried so it will have to.  here are some photos of me at the ball, as you can see i was very nearly in my dress for most of the evening.  I think it is safe to say that i will not be wearing a strapless dress again and if i do, it wont be such a low cut strapless dress!!!

outside the houseThis was me outside the house just as we were leaving.  you can get a glimpse of my red shoe at the bottom

The children and mum waving goodbye – horrid nasty windows are being replaced in 4 weeks woo hoo

An unfortunate one of andrew who looks far bigger than he actually is.  Not may of bag in action to show you as it was being passed from table to table as people admired it, always good.  Although people asked about my website – which i still dont have and looked bemused when i mentioned a blog and etsy shop so will probably have to sort something out quick.


More on the bag making later i promise but gardening beckons

Hope you all have the sunshine too.  I am trying not to eat as i have put on half a stone!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

Wordless Wednesday – a cool waste of time

If you have some time to spare pop over to Domesticali to see how to play this game on flickr.  Its fab and a brilliant way to waste time that could be spent on doing something more constructive.


In the leg to be precise.  I had an overwhelming urge to stretch some fabric over canvas – like you do… Basically because i am meant to be making my ipod case that can be strapped around my arm whilst running.  I have signed up for the race for life, and cannot run any distance without listening to music.  So as the run is in June and we can at least hope it will be warm, my sweat jacket with pockets is not really the thing.  But couldnt be bothered to think about dimensions etc, so started tidying up fabric (collective gasp required here!) and found some geometric fabric i had bought in Ikea a couple of months ago.  So volia

I am really pleased with it – although not over the moon about the puncture marks in my leg when i slipped with the staple gun whilst pressing it – Duh!!

I was going to put it in my etsy shop but the pattern is out by about half a centimetre. Still if you want it and dont mind it being a bit out let me know.  If not in my hallway it stays.

Anyway off to get dimensions for ipod holder.

I will be setting up a website for sponsorship today or tomorrow and will put a link on this site.  All money raised goes to cancer research UK