In the leg to be precise.  I had an overwhelming urge to stretch some fabric over canvas – like you do… Basically because i am meant to be making my ipod case that can be strapped around my arm whilst running.  I have signed up for the race for life, and cannot run any distance without listening to music.  So as the run is in June and we can at least hope it will be warm, my sweat jacket with pockets is not really the thing.  But couldnt be bothered to think about dimensions etc, so started tidying up fabric (collective gasp required here!) and found some geometric fabric i had bought in Ikea a couple of months ago.  So volia

I am really pleased with it – although not over the moon about the puncture marks in my leg when i slipped with the staple gun whilst pressing it – Duh!!

I was going to put it in my etsy shop but the pattern is out by about half a centimetre. Still if you want it and dont mind it being a bit out let me know.  If not in my hallway it stays.

Anyway off to get dimensions for ipod holder.

I will be setting up a website for sponsorship today or tomorrow and will put a link on this site.  All money raised goes to cancer research UK


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  1. I’m in awe for anybody who runs any distance at all (can’t imagine doing that for fun). And I hate creaft injuries. I’m constantly afraid that one day I’ll hit myself on the thumb and can’t work for days. (I put rivets through a bag yesterday at night, ahem. All thumbs are well, though, which can’t be said for the rivets.)

    So, I hope the race goes well.

    (I’d still like to hear about the ball, and see pictures of your fabulous bag (and you) in action. Just nudging…)

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