back to the ball

Suzanne reminded me that i promised photos of  the ball plus details of the bag making.  Life has been a bit hectic with one thing and another recently and i have lost the creative urge to make anything or indeed sell anything.  I am hoping it will come back soon.  Well i want to make myself a summer hat and a ipod carried so it will have to.  here are some photos of me at the ball, as you can see i was very nearly in my dress for most of the evening.  I think it is safe to say that i will not be wearing a strapless dress again and if i do, it wont be such a low cut strapless dress!!!

outside the houseThis was me outside the house just as we were leaving.  you can get a glimpse of my red shoe at the bottom

The children and mum waving goodbye – horrid nasty windows are being replaced in 4 weeks woo hoo

An unfortunate one of andrew who looks far bigger than he actually is.  Not may of bag in action to show you as it was being passed from table to table as people admired it, always good.  Although people asked about my website – which i still dont have and looked bemused when i mentioned a blog and etsy shop so will probably have to sort something out quick.


More on the bag making later i promise but gardening beckons

Hope you all have the sunshine too.  I am trying not to eat as i have put on half a stone!!!!!!!!!!!!:(


5 Responses

  1. You (and the bag) looked wonderful! Now get on that publicity gravy train quick!

  2. Oooh, what a lovely dress, and goes fab with the bag.

  3. I love the dress, and the look of those read accessories with your hair. And you look like you had a fabulous time.

    (And concerning your website I still offer to install wordpress for you…)

  4. You looked so glam, so did hubby too. I’m sure the orders will be rolling in for your bags now.

    Jo XX

  5. What a great evening for you both and you look fab, love your dress and bag, oh and I do have a thing for red shoes! Hope you get the creative bug back soon – get your website up and running in the meantime.

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