Hello, I havent posted for an age but i have been sewing so will catch up with piccies of that tomorrow or over the weekend.  But as i was in the kitchen marinating olives, i thought i would share my cheap olive tip.  You will probably read this and go “yeah Jo we do that already” but just in case you dont and are addicted to yummy olives like me, here is a tip on how to save those pennies.

I am a sucker in a deli or a gorgeous market buying pots of olives in different marinades at £2 plus a pop and then eating the lot in an evening.  Anyway last week I bought a jar of olives in brine (pitted) – 49p for quite a big jar.  I tipped them out, rinsed them, put half back in the jar added slices of garlic and some black pepper and then filled the jar with the rest.  Poured in extra virgin olive oil up to the top of the jar, closed it up, shook it and bunged it in the fridge.  they were beautiful.  My friend Liz and I devoured them in minutes (over a couple of bottles of champagne no less)

Anyway just thought i would share this olive tip with you as have just finished a few more jars.  Hope you are all well


5 Responses

  1. Yummy! I love olives too. Have you tried them with chillis and garlic too? x

  2. Nice tip. I’m looking forward to the sewing pictures, of course.

  3. My taste buds have shrivelled up at the very thought I’m afraid. Olives and me just don’t mix.

    Can’t wait to see what sewing projects you’ve been up to.


  4. Just finished eating a few olives and a glass of wine. We never used to like them until a few years ago when we tried some in Spain. Will have a go at your tip.

  5. Oh, olives and champagne – how lovely, except I’m allergic to olives which is a bummer because I really like them!

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