Warning – may be highly emotive

Tomorrow is Martha’s second birthday and hubby is currently assembling a beautiful wooden dolls house.  I on the other hand am an emotional wreck.  I spent the earlier part of the evening in tears looking at baby photos and the rest dwelling over what has happened in the last two years.  Most of which has been covered at some point in this blog. 

But, 2 years ago to this very point in time i had just gone into labour – 9 days late.  Contractions were full on immediately and Martha was born 3.5 hours later just making it into the 19th of June by 36 minutes.  I was laughing, Martha was beautiful.  The first comment from my son on seeing his new sister the next day was “Martha is that like martha the monkey?????”  It took at least 2 hours before we went “AH MARTHA THE MONKEY FROM NODDY”  Oliver was only 3 at the time.

2.5 weeks later as most of you know i was back in hospital with a rare infection called cavitating pneumonia, which created a large hole in my lung – which has now healed.

Martha then spent the next 20 months of her life ill with something or other. Asthma, incredibly bad eczema, reflux, gastritis and ear infections.  It is only now (and believe me i am touching every piece of wood going) that she has been well for nearly two months.  She is tall, not skin and bones and as naughty and cheeky as they come.  I am blessed with both my children although i dont always appreciate this especially around 5pm most school days!!!.

Looking back over the photos i came across so many of her with incredibly sore skin, red, weeping or cracking or just simply shiny from the amount of cream.  It bought back memories of sitting by her cot, holding her hands to stop her scratching, trying not to scream when i walked in to find her cot drenched in blood, coming home to find my mum holding her and my mum in tears as martha had been screaming so much in pain from her tummy she had scratched her head till it was pouring with blood and she looked like something out of a horror film.  My beautiful baby girl. 

 Eczema is such an awful, harrowing and painful condition that unless you have witnessed it at first hand it is difficult to appreciate.  I know i suffer too as does my mum.  Unfortunately my mum was born before the introduction of steroid creams and my nan had to watch as her baby girl (my mum) was put in a cot in hospital and her hands were tied to the top and her feet to the bottom to stop her from scratching.  She lost so much weight in her hospital stay that when my nan went to collect her (you couldnt stay with your child then) she didnt recognise her own baby.

So much has happened in the last couple of years including olivers surgery, that i felt it important to sit and think about it. Watching martha at a local playgroup this morning i felt incredibly sad that i wouldnt have another baby and this is it – no longer a baby – properly a pre-school toddler.

But the little monkey is 2 tomorrow i have made her a little bolero jacket which i will show pictures of tomorrow, and am already planning soft furnishing for the dolls house.

promise promise promise to be posting baggy sewing stuff soon and lots of upbeat stuff honest!!!!!!!!!!!



4 Responses

  1. Wow. That’s quite a rollercoaster! My DD has the mildest of eczema and that breaks my heart enough that I can’t take it away when she’s itchy so I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for you all.

    HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MARTHA THE MONKEY! 🙂 Wishing you much health and happiness sweetie.


  2. Being a Mum is such a bittersweet expereince isn’t it? My son used to suffer badly from croup and it was a nightmare rushing off to hospital at 2.00 in the morning. Doctors getting ready to put him on a ventilator and unnecessary comments such as ‘any minute now you might notice his ribs break……’ I mean did I need to hear that? I’m thrilled for you that things are getting better and you can enjoy your little girl for herself without the pain and the tears. Happy birthday, Martha.

  3. Happy birthday to Martha.

    That has certainly been a lot. As Marie said, having a child with mild eczema is bad enough. I can’t imagine how it must have been for all of you. (And, on a side note, my son has been eczema-free now for a few weeks or so. I’m hoping it’s gone.)

    Don’t feel like you have to write about upbeat and sewing things only. You don’t. And I love reading about other’s experiences, bad and good.

  4. Hi ,
    Happy Birthday Martha. Gosh I remeber Sophie’s second birthday and her cake as my hubby managed to take an action shot of her blowing out the candles.

    You have had alot on your plate over the last two years. Sophie has mld eczema and over the past 5 years it has reduced considerably although I spotted some on the backs of her legs today. It has left some parts of her skin an odd colour and rather rough to touch. When she was a baby her face and the top of her chest really suffered as cracked skin and dribble are a bad combination and she would scratch or rub it till it bleed. I hope that Martha continues to keep well and that as time passes she eczema will be less severe. Take care.

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