Just keep running……….

Yep completed the Race for lIfe run on Sunday all 5km of it.  I was a bit disappointed that i had to walk some of it but as they had just cut the grass my hayfever was triggered off and by the 3km point i realised that my inhaler was empty dur!!!.  So i walked a bit there but Liz and I managed to finish in just over 35 mintues.

What with that and starting yoga last week, i am feeling pretty inspired.  I am off to do some knitting in a while something i havent sat down to do in ages.  But i have taken the pressure off myself to sell my pieces, as the enjoyment of making htem was starting to disappear and was being replaced with stress.  I am now just going to make what i enjoy and perfect my skills and see where it takes me.  I am also going to get writing once again and who knows maybe something will turn up which will combine the two.  For now though here is a picture of me at the end



8 Responses

  1. Good for you!!!

  2. Well done! I sympathise thoroughly about the hayfever. Sniff sniff .. bah!

  3. Well done you! My hayfever is so chronic this week it’s all I can do to battle through normal life.

  4. Well done!!
    5km is quite a distance I would need stretchering round after a while. I did a mini marathon once and that nearly finished me off so I take my hat off the anyone who takes part in events like this! What are you going to knit? I have just started some granny squares to see what I can do, not exactly gifted at this craft but still persisting.
    Best wishes to you. XX

  5. Great that you did the run despite the hay fever. (People who don’t suffer from it can’t imagine how bad it can feel.)

    It’s nice, too, that you are sewing again. And I think doing what you love to do and seeing where it takes you is always a good thing.

  6. Congrats!

  7. Well done Joanna!! My sister runs the Race for Life every year. I’m just not brave enough, I’d be unconscious in a heap by the first bend!! xMx

  8. Congratulation’s!! sniff sniff ;-). It was all for a good cause

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