sew through summer

Well there is nothing like being booked to hold a bag party and the next day receiving two bag orders to get the creative flow going again.  Let me tell you it needed a big kick start.  I just wanted to read and do yoga over the last few weeks, i couldn’t be bothered to write or do any sewing.  For me not writing is really quite strange.  But rather than panicking about it i decided to go with the flow.  Plus we had new windows put in so the sewing room had to be packed up which made things quite tricky.

anyway i have had two orders for fabric bags, both in faux brown suede.  I am trying to make it a policy that no two bags are the same so i am in a little bit of an argument with my friend as when she heard my ideas for the first she wanted the second to be identical!!

I dont know if you remember this bag, made for my friend Cath about a year ago?

Well the outside fabric will be the same with the same handles.  the lining will be a speckled pale blue and on the front of the bag will be an embroidered flower with a beaded centre.  I am hoping that it will look really pretty.

Martha is having a play date this morning so i have a couple of hours free to cut and sew the flower.

Hope everybody is ok and i will be taking some time this avo to catch up on every body’s blogs


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  1. I just thought about you. If you hadn’t posted I had send you an e-mail.

    How great that you’re sewing again. And with orders too. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished bags.

  2. I just want to stroke that bag! I love that faux suede look, although with too kids, not so good. I bet it wouldn’t look half as nice covered in yoghurt! LOL.

    Glad you’re back in sewing mood and hope the windows didn’t leave you with too much mess.


  3. I too have spells when I can’t be bothered to sew even though there are a hundred and one things to do. At the moment I just don’t have the time to do it. Hope you post a picture of the embroidered flower and tell us how you did it.

  4. Good to see you back! Bag party means lots of work to do but as you say it does inspire as well. Do post of your creations. I love the bucket bags especially.

  5. Congratulations on your orders and look forward to seeing your new bags. Please send some of your creativeness my way as I’ve lost mine – just can’t be bothered and any kind of inspiration seems to have escaped me!
    Well done on completing the Race for Life – brilliant!
    Anne x

  6. Hi Joanna
    Hope your week has been good. I’ve awarded you the Brilliant Weblog award for your text and lovely photos. Please take a moment to check out my blog.
    Have a great weekend and hope your son is fully recovered.
    Anne x

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