I’m Back

Well not that i have been anywhere (apart from france) but i havent felt the urge to write my blog so well i didnt.  But i have really started to miss everyone in blogland,so have got off my backside and started typing again.  Off to the park in a little while but just thought i would post my latest finished projects.  I have a bag order to complete (which is late but martha’s hospital visits have put me behind somewhat) and am determined to teach myself how to knit socks even though it looks like THE most complicated thing to do ever.  I am knitting a bag at the minute and a little pair of shoes for my nephew.  I have also joined a knitting group in the village which had it’s first meeting yesterday

Hope you are all well and i will get back into reading everybodies blogs and also hope to hear from you all soon.

The first picture is of a skirt i made for my daughter out of material lying around in my fabric stash.  the second is my first ever attempt at clothes for me using a pack from www.clothkits.co.uk which are just great.  The last photo is of a faux suede bag with my attempt at embroidery.  the bag order i am meant to be working on at the minute will be similar to this but instead of embroidery it will have an appique flower.  the orders are for the same person and she has given one to her sister in law, so she wanted them in the same fabric with different embellishments


5 Responses

  1. Welcome back 🙂

    I love your projects. The red skirt is fab. I might have to check out the clothkits site 🙂


  2. Ooh- your clothkits skirt came out really well. Mine is sitting, unsewn, waiting for the monkeys to go back to school…

  3. Knitting socks isn’t as complicated as you think. I promise. Just ask me when you reach the heel, and I’ll try to help you online.

    I’m really happy to hear something from you. For the past two weeks I have been thinking to myself that I wanted to send you an e-mail to ask you how you are.

    I love the skirts very much. How can I not when they are both red? And Martha looks like she has grown a lot since I last saw a picture of her.

    I like the embroidery on the bag. It must have been a pain to embroider on that fabric but it looks great.

  4. Nice to see you back!

  5. I was wondering where you had got to. Glad you are back and keeping fine. The red skirt is brilliant. I have made a few items of clothing for myself this year too.

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