All good plans etc etc

In Suzanne’s latest post she writes about her on-going “discussion” with her husband about the state of the house, a situation i constantly find myself in.  If you remember, a couple of posts ago i vowed to de-clutter my house.  i am doing small areas at a time and am either selling stuff, putting it on freecycle or recycling/binning it.  The problem i have is that andrew wants to keep everything.  We have a garage just full of crap.  Today i got rid of a fridge/freezer, I put it on freecycle and it got snapped up. It is in such a bad state at the minute but in fully working order.  All it needs is a big clean.  Andrew has gone through the roof.  What if we need the fridge space for beers???  Good question but when you cant get to the bloody thing becuase of all the other stuff “we might need” it is a pointless question.  Anyway he is Kuwait, I am here it has gone.  As have a few other things.

During my little de-cluttering session today whilst martha slept, i found a bag of milano glass that Andrew bought back from Venice – completely free and straight from the factory.  So i have made a couple of rings to start of with.  Here is the first.  Some of the bits are a bit chipped so i may use them for some mosaicing.  I had promised myself that i wasnt going to make anything until the sorting was done but i just couldnt resist.  they didnt take long. 

I have plenty more of these stones in lots of pretty colours, this one is going to go into my etsy shop, but if you would like one obviously just let me know.  I may even do a give-away soon and one of these can be my prize.

Off to do more de-cluttering


4 Responses

  1. Applause for the decluttering efforts. When you’ve finished, my garage could use some help too!

  2. Cute. Good luck with the de-cluttering. One shouldn’t hang onto stuff because one might eventually need it in the future. You’ll just have a house full of junk, and if you ever need that thing you won’t be able to find it.

    A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it for the past one or two years you probably won’t need it in the near future either. My husband tries to get through all the stuff in the garage, attic, and basement about once every year to see if we need it. We’re not strict about the two year- rule but as Flylady says, “Do I love it, do I need it, does it make me smile?”

  3. We have had a good go at decluttering this summer. We can actually get in the garage now.

  4. Hi Joanna,
    Are you ok?

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