Christmas has hit the house

A while ago i read one of Anna’s fantastic tutorials which can be found here and thought what a fabulous thing to do with the children.  As you can tell from the link it is for making Christmas baubles; i immediately set out and bought the polystyrene balls, wire and wallpaper paste, knowing that in my room full of stuff there was some free craft paper i had gotten a while ago as a freebie with a magazine.  As with all of these things i put it off and off and off, promising my eldest Oliver that yes we would do it next weekend and so it went on.  On Sunday with the Christmas tree up, i gave in and the whole family set to (including hubby in dressing gown) to make the baubles.  It transpired really quite quickly that wallpaper paste and children do not go, i figured though that plain water would work as long as we soaked the paper in it long enough, and i was right.  the children loved making these, I struggled to keep my inner perfectionist  at bay, telling myself these are made by children and do not need to look perfect.  Does anybody else have that problem when doing things with their little ones?

I varnished them whilst still slightly damp just in case the paper decided to peel away.  Anyway i have taken some photos of the process.

If you want to see the full instructions then pop over to this tutorial







OK the finished product is not as brilliant as Anna’s but the children had such fun making them.  They are all varnished now and are hanging on the Christmas tree


3 Responses

  1. Those look really cute! Thank you for giving me an idea for what to do as a craft for my son’s birthday party (yes, his birthday is one week before Christmas exactly, I’m planning the party for him and his friends for the 20th…).

  2. Those are brill! I think diluted craft glue would work (I think you can get non-toxic, child friendly ones).
    Thanks for the linky-dinky-do.

  3. Hi,
    Like the new layout Joanna. Thanks for a lovely post.

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