Three complete

Woo hoo, i have completed three of my bag orders, which let me tell you is a minor miracle considering my daughter has decideed she no longer has naps during the day (nor sleeps at night apparently!) and Christmas is coming.  The first one was a faux suede basket bag of which you have seen many photos so i wont bore you with another basket bag photo.  Needless to say it was like the other ones, although each time i make them they get slightly better.  I think it is only me that can see the improvements, Andrew thinks they all look the same.  I am pleased with my new labels though, I got them off etsy from this lovely person.  There is a close up of one of them in the following photos.  the basket bags made out of the suede fabric seem to be a huge hit, they look classically stylish and i am already getting interest from people who have seen the one just made so fingers crossed.

I had plans to do lots of sewing today as Martha is due to go to nursery for the afternoon, but as she only slept for approx. 4 hours last night, i think 5 hours at nursery is out of the question.  Oliver is also off school with a bad throat, so i am completely shattered and a tad snappy.  We are supposed to be having out first night without children since oliver was born tonight, mum is having them to stay for the first time.  can you believe that one is ill and Martha is going to the doctors to make sure there is nothing lurking that is keeping her awake.  I am determined they are still going to sleep over though.  Anyway back to those bags, the next two orders were for the fold away grocery bag designed by Lisa.  these are a big hit amongst my friends and they are good fun to do in mad fabrics.  the only problem is, the cost.  Obviosuly there is a limit to how much you can sell a grocery bag for, yet the amount of work is probably more than for a basket, so I tend not to advertise them too much. The only instruction for fabric that i was given was green and funky, so off to Ikea i toddled, these are the results.


cool fabric isnt it?  It works really well and Catherine loves both of them (which is good obviously)



It is hard to see in this photo but the labels are actually pale blue and have a little red bird on a branch.  They do not fray


A little touch i have just added to my orders, is a favour bag with my moo cards and a sweetie in.  I thought it was a nice touch.


I now have to remember the pattern i drew up nearly 18 months ago but cant find for the beach bag and also work on a design for a little pink bag for my daughter – who it turns out since starting this post has an ear infection hence the sleepless night!  If her bag works out well, I may well make a few of them to put into my etsy shop which is looking sparce.

have a fab weekend everyone


4 Responses

  1. Your shopping bags are in great fabric, Ikea fabric is just perfect for them sturdy and funky! I have made a large stash of them now, but unfortunately I keep using them for other things or give them away!

  2. Hi Joanna, thanks for popping into my blog – I would say that the bag would be a good size for little girls, or a nice evening bag for girls like us :-), when its laid flat its about 8 in long and 5 in wide, but the sides are the same size as the front, so when it opens it almost 5 in square opening – you can get a suprising amount of stuff in it!
    I think they would be great as wee soft baskets on a dressing table, without handles, as they do stand up quite well themselves
    Hope you manage to get one done for your little girl
    Happy Christmas

  3. I already told you: Love the bags!
    And I really, really like your logo and lables. I’m still working on mine, well a friend on mine is, and I can’t seem to be satisfied, sigh.
    Anyway, I love it that you add a little personal touch with the goddie bag and all, I’m always thrilled when I order something and there is a little extra.

  4. My friends love the bags Jo – some more orders coming I think!!

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