All boxed up

I was reading a fab new blog i found the other day called Miss Behave and not only is it the best looking site i have seen, it also has fantastic tutorial links.  Today she was linking to small zippered pouch tutorials.  I have been racking my very limited brain to try and figure out how to make a box-like zippered pouch, similar to my husbands wash bag.  On Miss Behave there was a link to an extremely simple tutorial doing just that.  This is the link.  Obviously it was one of those times when you go “oh, i could have thought of that if i wasnt such a thicky.” Generally though my mind goes into spasms when zips are mentioned.  But not today, and i managed this with two children at home (oliver with an inner and outer ear infection) a husband at home and whilst making lunch at the same time.  So yes it really is that simple.  So here are the pictures



I now just need to get my brain in action to see if i can make a larger one with an inner waterproof lining to work as a wash bag.  Maybe after Christmas


3 Responses

  1. Wow. That’s one seriously lush looking website! I love these little pouches. Very cute, and they might be just what I’m looking for for teacher’s gifts for DDs school!


  2. I’m blushing ladys. Thanks so much. And the pouch looks awesome, girl you are quick!

  3. Love your bags! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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