I would hate you to think that i am addicted but…….

If you are wondering what i am talking about see previous post with links. The marvellous Marie made a good suggestion in her comment and i now have presents for Oliver’s teacher and assistants.  Although no zips left for my bag orders. Ho Hum





6 Responses

  1. Gorgeous … i saw a tutorial for these .. but i cant remember where? … oh and as for the waterproof lining. .. iron on vinyl?? xx

  2. Wow, three in one day?! You’re amazing!

    Ok that qualifies you to decide what kind of “Make something” episode I’ll post next: Fabric Storage Boxes, Wall and Car Organizers, Bags or Pillows.
    You choose and I’ll post it next Monday 🙂

  3. These look great (as does everything else, these days I’m reading but not commenting due to time restraints).

    You really have been busy with sewing these past days! (And I hope the children are well again…)

  4. LOL. See, I am finally useful for something!

    I love the red one. I have yet to make any though, last night was spent making chocolate rum truffles (so not an entirely wasted evening ;)).


  5. These are fab! I’ll have to make some when I sort my stuff out.
    I made a washbag and used a cheap child’s matress cover for lining fabric.

  6. Grogeous boxy pouches. Like the fabric too.

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