Check this out

I am a newbie to Twitter but having followed links found this charity event called Twitchiker.  How fab is that.  Twitter is a very strange thing but let me know if you become a Tweeter or Twitterer and i will add you to my list.


snow falling

Have you noticed the snow falling on my blog?  Your screen hasnt gone mad honestly.  Happy Christmas

Have just read

this and it is fab.  For a completely fantastic tutorial click onto marmalade kiss and see how to make salt scrubs.

More sewing adventures and photos from the ball in my next post.  It is my birthday today, hubby in venice, oliver off school with tonsilitis so i am spending the evening drinking wine, eating an omelette (Cor i can live!!!!!) and using my new birthday present from my brother and his wife – piccies tomorrow!!!!!!

Also click onto indigo blue – she has said some fab things which have really made my day.  thanks Andrea and hello to anyone who has come here from her site

So tell me honestly

Do you prefer this design or the previous dark green one.  this one looks a bit office like i know but i can get three columns which seemed a good idea.  I have decided i much prefer wordpress to blogger, there are far more options and more flexibility.

Anyway this week i will be posting a ring tutorial promised a long time ago, plus showing photos from this fab new book i purchased yesterday.  I drooled over it whilst drinking my coffee in Borders.  I am also hoping to stock my etsy shop up with my cupboard full of bags plus go shopping for some silk for a ball i am going to in May.

Hope you are all having a fab weekend

Hello world!

Hiya so following on from Marmadaisy, suzanne and domesticali’s changing their blog provider i felt the need to follow suit, so that i can try and get the appearance how i like it.  believe me this will take time.  Hopefully what readers i do have will follow me over and carry on reading and change their link to the new address.  The appearance may well change a lot as i play around with it. So apologies in advance