Happy new year to you all


I really hope you survived the holiday period.  well actually I hope you did more than survive it, I hope you had a bloody good time. We did.  Although to start off with it looked like it could all be over before it started as along with the rest of the country the children were plagued with ill health.  But thankfully, it was one of the best christmas’s ever.  Each year the children seem to enjoy it more, Oliver especially.  he seems to have gone from the stage of ripping open each present and then moving onto the next one without looking at what he has already opened, to opening the present and then actually sitting and playing with it for a while before we remind him that he has a few more to open.  Not many though, we dont go mad.

this year, oliver nearly had me in tears when over breakfast he sat munching on his croissant before looking over at me and saying

“mummy do you know which present is my favourite?” to which i obviously replied

“no darling”

“all of them, this is the best christmas ever.”

I completed all of the bag orders and have one more to work on over the next couple of weeks, the fabric arrived yesterday so i will show you photos of it tomorrow.  I do have photos of the completed beach bag but instead i thought i would share a photo of my two playing the piano at granny’s house.



Happy CHristmas

Happy Christmas to blog land I hope you all have a fantastic holiday

First Sale

Well i have had my first sale from Folksy albeit a small one.  I have sold this hair slide.


So, i figured that i should make a little gift box for it following the marvellous tutorial from the one and only Lisa .  Obviously, after my lack of success with Etsy i didn’t expect to sell anything so soon, so had no card to make the box with.  Off i popped then with Martha in tow to our local craft shop where i was met with open arms as i haven’t been there for a while.  It would be nice to think they loved me because of me but most probably it is because of the amount of money i spend once i enter the doors.  Two pieces of card does not cost a lot, a bag full of beads, ribbons, new ring templates adds up to quite a bit.  Hoping to put a few rings in the shop when i have completed my bag orders.  If that ever happens, the beach bag is not going well although the internal zippered waterproof pocket using iron-on vinyl is a success.  Thanks to Julia for that tip. I have now run out of thread for the bag and invented new words this morning as i tried to complete it – failing miserably.  For the sake of my families sanity i have put it to one side for now, with the intention of completing it later. 

I also need to finish the bag for Martha and a bag for my sister-in-law which will be coming from my brother as a present.  So 3 sewing days left until Christmas – i can see a lot of caffeine being drunk over the next few days, especially as the children will be at home and Andrew will be at work. 

The thing is, when i have stuff that i SHOULD be doing, i end up having millions of creative ideas just popping into my head.  This happened when i was writing the book for Nanowrimo.  Halfway through the book, i had an amazing idea for a children’s book, which made me want to stop what i was doing and start that.  Luckily i didn’t.  But, i am trying my best to persevere with what i should be doing rather than what i want to do!  The children’s book though i intend to crack on with after Christmas.  I have big plans for it, especially since one of my old school friends is an illustrator.  Watch this space.  I am very excited.  Anyway to end, here are a few pictures of the box i made with the chocolates i have bought to send as little gifts with my purchases.  Obviously for health and safety i had to test them first………




I hope all your Christmas plans are going well.

Folksy fantastic

Hello, just to let you know i have opened a little shop in a new UK handmade market called Folksy.  Oh so similar to Etsy it is scary but this time the price is in sterling. Not much in it as yet as still trying to complete Christmas orders but my aim is to increase in the new year.
There is a link in the right hand side or you can just press here

I would hate you to think that i am addicted but…….

If you are wondering what i am talking about see previous post with links. The marvellous Marie made a good suggestion in her comment and i now have presents for Oliver’s teacher and assistants.  Although no zips left for my bag orders. Ho Hum




All boxed up

I was reading a fab new blog i found the other day called Miss Behave and not only is it the best looking site i have seen, it also has fantastic tutorial links.  Today she was linking to small zippered pouch tutorials.  I have been racking my very limited brain to try and figure out how to make a box-like zippered pouch, similar to my husbands wash bag.  On Miss Behave there was a link to an extremely simple tutorial doing just that.  This is the link.  Obviously it was one of those times when you go “oh, i could have thought of that if i wasnt such a thicky.” Generally though my mind goes into spasms when zips are mentioned.  But not today, and i managed this with two children at home (oliver with an inner and outer ear infection) a husband at home and whilst making lunch at the same time.  So yes it really is that simple.  So here are the pictures



I now just need to get my brain in action to see if i can make a larger one with an inner waterproof lining to work as a wash bag.  Maybe after Christmas

snow falling

Have you noticed the snow falling on my blog?  Your screen hasnt gone mad honestly.  Happy Christmas