I dont think to blog unless….

…I have made something in which case i take photos and write a post.  But this evening after putting the children to bed, i started looking back into my old posts and was surprised to find it really interesting.  Things from last year that i had forgotton about, i then found myself reading about.  Marvellous.  So, i am afraid it means that you will be hearing a few more odds and sods about me and my life and not just sewing. 

It has been a strange and particularly stressful week as Andrew is in Kuwait.  well to be exact he was in Italy and then flew from there to Kuwait.  martha has been ill (surprise surprise i hear you say) and her sleeping patterns have hit an all time low.

Thankfully my mum and really good friend Liz have offered to have her for an hour or so each so that i can get to the gym.  i find going to the gym a real sanity saver.  Just time for me, too exhausted to stress about anything as i go to classes where the instructor constantly shouts at you.  Yoga keeps me reasonably calm and i am assuming eventually my body will start to show the benefits in the same way my head does.  I hate the fact that when i get really tired i get irritable with the children especially Oliver and then we all find ourselves in a catch 22 situation when noone is happy.  Last night Martha decided to cry, well scream for 2 hours solidly.  It was not a good evening.

I am still planning to put stuff into my shop on Folksy but have yet to make anything.  I did however make a card for a friend who is having a low patch at the moment, following the instructions from the book i wrote about in this post here.  It looked really lovely and not at all twee as i had feared.  I have started work on a headband for me to wear for “those hair days” but after my initial excitement at fabric painting, the novelty of bead sewing has worn off slightly.


Anyway, let me know what helps to keep you sane if anything


4 Responses

  1. Sane? Who’s sane? Ahem, I do an extensive program of exercise, meditation, writing in my diary, having time for me alone, but I know that not all of us can do this. Since my son is in kindergarten I have all the mornings to myself. (And I still get cranky and yell…)

    Sleeping enough is the key for me though.

    Parenting solo is often really stressful, I hope you’ll get a bit of rest soon.

    And I love to hear from you, especially the life-stuff, so, yes, please blog more.

  2. Thanks for the comment Jo. I love the bag you made and I have times like that when what ever I touch seems to go wrong. I like to put my coat on and go off for a walk when things seem to be getting on top of me.

    Jo XXX

  3. Your posts are not boring! I sometimes do not write enough about other things because not alot happens someweeks other than school and work. Now that is boring!

  4. Keeping sane? I have no clue, but if you find out how will you let me know 😉

    Mostly I find that as long as I can still laugh about stuff then everything is okay. I do try to get some “Me time” in every day (even if its only 5 minutes). I’m not brave enough to spend any me time at the gym though! LOL


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