On my to do list

I am sure you have all heard of / read Ali’s fab blog Domesticali.  One of her more recent posts listed her mental to do list for September 2008.  Those of you with children of a school age know that this starts to feel like the perfect time of year to start new things.  In fact if you have children who are no longer in the school routine, most probably your brain still works around the school year anyway. 

Ali listed down that she is starting a book binding course which sounds just fab.  unfortunately my time is limited due to the fact that hubby works overseas a lot and only one of my children is in full time education at the moment, although Martha has just started nursery two afternoons a week.  SO evening courses or even day courses are out for the next couple of years.

I, along with most crafty people, always have a HUGE list of things that i either must do, learn,  buy zilions of books on or just simply moan about wanting to do.  So i figured this year i would make a list and do them.  So i am commiting myself to them here and now

  1. Practise more yoga (i Love it) and be able to do a handstand by 2009 (notice i am not saying where in 2009)
  2. 2.Learn to knit socks (cue sock knitters everywhere “oh they are so easy……”
  3. De-clutter my house (suzannei may even try flylady tactics)
  4. re-string my guitar and take it up again – i used to be quite good
  5. Get an article published somewhere….anywhere
  6. this one probably wont happen but i will put it down for a laugh – this is to try and sneak a piano into the house without hubby noticing.

So sorry to steal your idea Ali, but i thought it was fab.  I will keep you all posted. 

ps the pose in the picture is called the camel and is one of my favourites although i dont look as toned as that unfortunately


I’m Back

Well not that i have been anywhere (apart from france) but i havent felt the urge to write my blog so well i didnt.  But i have really started to miss everyone in blogland,so have got off my backside and started typing again.  Off to the park in a little while but just thought i would post my latest finished projects.  I have a bag order to complete (which is late but martha’s hospital visits have put me behind somewhat) and am determined to teach myself how to knit socks even though it looks like THE most complicated thing to do ever.  I am knitting a bag at the minute and a little pair of shoes for my nephew.  I have also joined a knitting group in the village which had it’s first meeting yesterday

Hope you are all well and i will get back into reading everybodies blogs and also hope to hear from you all soon.

The first picture is of a skirt i made for my daughter out of material lying around in my fabric stash.  the second is my first ever attempt at clothes for me using a pack from www.clothkits.co.uk which are just great.  The last photo is of a faux suede bag with my attempt at embroidery.  the bag order i am meant to be working on at the minute will be similar to this but instead of embroidery it will have an appique flower.  the orders are for the same person and she has given one to her sister in law, so she wanted them in the same fabric with different embellishments