Half Term Hint

I found this recipe as i find most brilliant things via Ali’s blog.  Follow the links, they are just amazing and so easy to make.  I agree with Ali re the Nigella recipe for a similar bun.  These are much easier, make a portion for one family and so no wastage.  The only tip i would say is go easy with the icing, if you use any at all.  Enjoy!!


half Term Break

It may seem like i have dropped off the face of the earth but i havent posted for a while due to half term, which is turning out to be a fantastic one.  So far we have have had a friend round for the day, been bowling, gone to london and to the BRitish Library. Today we went here and it was fantastic.  So i will post properly when the week is over.  I hope yours is turning out to be as much fine as ours whatever you are doing.

More family rantings

Well, I have taken loads of photos of my new creations but still haven’t played around with them as family disasters have taken over AGAIN.  So thought i would bore you with a couple of details.

Martha is feeling a lot better on her two lots of medicine three times a day.  Her appetite has gone through the roof which is great as she was looking really skinny and she is just full of beans.  So what does her numb skull mother do???  Only give her a biscuit without reading the label and then have to watch her get covered in these horrid hives (imagine being stung at least 50 times by a nettle all at once).  She proceeded to scream and point into her mouth.  I ran the bath and called the doctor who said the screaming was a good thing at least she was breathing.  Give her piriton which i did.  BAthed her took her downstairs and spoke to my mum whilst looking at martha only to notice that she couldnt close her mouth and that her bottom lip was sticking out like Bubba in FOrest Gump.  I asked her to stick her tongue out – she couldnt.  I gave her a beaker to drink from and she couldnt get it in her mouth as it was all so swollen.

Piriton thankfully started to kick in and within 10 minutes of the swelling she was up asking for a dvd to be put on.  the hives however left their mark for about 24 hours.

The result – definitely allergic to hazelnuts.  we now have 2 epi pens, oral steroids and a blood test booked.

But she is in a bed now as the health visitor thought it may help to solve all her sleep problems (believe me there is another 10 posts on that alone) and do you know what she is asleep and things are looking good. (well apart from the fact i accidently overdosed her medicine slightly which led to a call to nhs direct and lots of calculations about body weight etc etc)

anyway look here is one photo of the bag i made for my friend liz.  the photo was taken on Marthas little rocking chair as i had only just finished it and was about to take it to the pub to give to her.  Basically i had ten minutes to take the photo and it was dark

Liz\'s Bag

I hate eczema

My one year old MArtha has extensive eczema which we normally have under control. I have just spent the last hour (it is now midnight) doing anything i can to stop her scratching. Her face has become infected and her arms are bleeding. It is incredibly distressing as is changing her bedding, wet dusting her cot, floor and shelves to eradicate any traces of dust at this time of night.

Moan officially over.